It´s not about perfection,

it´s about progress.



Harmony is a space created for you, when you feel that need to slow down, breathe and just talk… something is bugging you out, but you are not sure what. 


Life sometimes can be challenging.  You start feeling changes in one or more aspects; your body, health, career, relationships (with your partner, children, friends) or perhaps you need to reconnect with your inner self that´s been left aside because of the different roles you play and suddenly you find there´s fear, but dreams to look for, loneliness, but new adventures, frustration, but emotion of what´s next, bad habits, a lot of thoughts, and so on.  


This is a space to embrace yourself and follow that transformation needed to face those challenges, feeling healthy, energized, motivated and full of  joy. 


For you to achieve your goals, I will be by your side, supporting you with videos, articles, recipes, exercises and coaching sessions making sure you will be going forward to the lifestyle you need to thrive.  

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