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Harmony Transformation


Our purpose is to support companies in their transformation towards comprehensive and humane leadership in the midst of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. In the midst of the pandemic, people have begun to re-evaluate what is truly important in life and it is towards this that companies must drive their efforts to generate commitment from their leaders and employees. 


Responsible leaders are needed who can create a humane work environment where people treat each other with respect and dignity, not where people are used and abused.   On the contrary, support them in their integral development and to find a purpose in their work. The main thing to find meaning in work is to learn how to take care of our integral individual and collective well-being.  It is taking charge of ourselves in sporting terms, where recovery is as important as training. 


We have to allow people to work daily for a balance in the different aspects of their lives, in this way they will generate progress and will be able to improve their performance. The balance of power is changing, from the company to the employees.  This is a growing trend because workers have more alternatives, not only locally and nationally but globally, because of the possibility of doing the work remotely.


Companies will become better employers and attract and retain talent, as they become more purposeful in their work. 

It´s not about perfection,

it´s about progress.