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Harmony Transformation Coaching


Health is a journey,  not a destination.  A path of continuous exploration, discoveries and knowledge of myself, through which, I find those elements, ideas, exercises, habits that nourish my body, mind and spirit.  They are the foundation to be able to make decisions regarding all aspects of my life as they are; spirituality, career, interpersonal relationships and body.  It is the daily search for that balance that fills me with energy, well-being and tranquility. 

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Harmony Business Transformation

Support companies, their leaders and employees to discover and develop those aspects (body, mind and spirit) that are most relevant to the achievement of their goals at a personal and professional level, generating a healthy lifestyle that allows you to positively impact your life, your family's and the community's. 




- Meaning of the work

- Stress management

- Self-knowledge

- Better relations 

- Motivation 

- Weight control, sleep and energy 

- Improvement of quality and lifestyle therefore    

     lowers the risk of health problems




- Workshops and/or group or individual coaching for  

   leaders, executives and employees  

- Informative talks on lifestyle and its impact on health for    special corporate days

- Online and offline communication campaigns          

  aimed at transforming well-being.

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Harmony Personal Transformation

This program is focused on supporting people who are somehow seeking a balance between their personal and professional lives, through deep work in the different areas that make up our health and well-being that nourish us not only physically, but also spiritually and mentally.