Ana Seligmann

My story is full of changes in beliefs, behaviors and attitudes, that, like everyone else, I bring from past generations. When I realized that they were blocking me, and my purpose, I decided to do something about it. This, like any process, takes time and leaves traces. Thanks to this path, I have not only learned more about myself, realizing that I needed to change my lifestyle, for a healthier one on a holistic level, and today I want to help people to feel better, and share what I have gone through.

When I arrived in the USA, I decided to study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) - the largest US Institute of Online Health, based in New York. This is a one-year program and its two basic principles that I really believe in, namely: Bio-individuality (there is nothing good for everyone, each one of us is unique) and the two plates of Nutrition. The first one is the nutrition of spirituality, career, relationships and exercise and the second is nutrition as food.

Additionally, my years of professional experience as an International Head-Hunter, employability consulting, development, training and leadership have given me the motivation to create Harmony Transformation Coaching.

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